Lesson From the Check Out Line

Morning Story and Dilbert

A little part of me thought about going to another checkout line. This one had the shortest queue, there was only one guy in it, but he was in a wheelchair and there seemed to be some complications going on.

Well, I stamped on that little part, and we stepped in behind him. At first, he seemed to be having difficulty getting his groceries onto the conveyor belt. But after a while, I realized that what he was actually doing was separating it into two lots.

Still, getting the stuff up there was no easy task in itself. I offered to help, but he and the checkout lady had it under control. He asked Julie if she would mind putting his empty basket away. Then he reached for his wallet which was in a pouch on one side of his chair. The way he was positioned and the fact he…

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Whistleblower : Top Secret Genetic Enhancement & Mind Control Program

I am Jason Bourne

LEGO® 10227 B-wing Starfighter™

10227 B-wing Starfighter™ Come with us as we take an exclusive look at the never before seen 10227 B-wing Starfighter, the latest exclusive LEGO® Star Wars™ …

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One Ladybug ladybird beetle garnet ruby red summer by RockArtiste

Crimson red rock ladybug known to bring good luck. This little garden jewel makes a colorful accessory for the window box, Zen garden, moss terrarium, miniature dish garden, patio or pond. Garnet red lady bird beetle measures 1″ diameter X 3/4″ thick and will ship in padded envelope.

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fire engine red summer sandals 7 by BABESCOLLECTIVE on Etsy

hot red summer sandals with 3″ heels. super comfortable with inoffensive, adjustable slingback. precious detail on toes reminiscent of crimson conch shells. perfect for a summer night out. made in USA of man made material. minor scuffing on heels.

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SALE 6 to 12m Baby Red Summer Hat Flower Flapper Sun Hat – Boutique Lace Girl Baby Hat Rose Flower Hat Crochet Baby Photo Prop

15% SPRING SALE! Please input the following code BABASPRING01 using the coupon code link in your shopping cart before checking out to have 15% off your order! Crochet girls boutique skullcap flapper brim beanie with a layered rosette flower in a gorgeous cotton and acrylic rainbow blend of red, blue

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vegan red tote red summer bag outside pockets by LIGONbyRuthi

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

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